Built on collective industry best practices, USGN provides construction accounting that is based on AIA standards but can be adjusted to meet our customers’ processes. The USGN financial module includes the entire lifecycle of financial management from initial site analysis through multiple budgets, bidding, vendor selection, pay applications, purchase orders, invoices, change orders, and subsequent reporting and analysis. This information can be closely integrated with almost any ERP or accounting solution for payment of pay applications and invoices and analysis and tracking within USGN.   This integration process works seamlessly, eliminates data entry mistakes, ensures that payments are made in a timely fashion, and that accurate timely information is used for financial analysis and planning.

The budget captures all project financial and is updated in real time to track current commitments, change orders, purchase orders, invoices, and pay applications.


Preliminary budgets can be captured within USGN with the ability to update or revise the budget as additional information and bids are received. Once a final budget is determined and approved through the customized internal review process, the budget is finalized and used to track cost totals and key performance indicators as pay applications, invoices, and change orders are submitted and approved.  Performance to budget is tracked with reports and notifications to enable our customers to actively manage budgets within individual projects, across programs, and across all projects to understand spend and take needed action. Reporting enables a high level overview with drill down capabilities to details.