USGN’s Patent Award for Platform as a Service Technology

U.S. Cl. 715—222 [715/203; 715/221; 715/223; 709/203]

A method for managing an electronically-stored, entity-specific information set associated with a manageable entity, the method comprising:

a server computer storing form definition information for a form, wherein the form includes one or more form elements, and wherein the form definition information defines the one or more form elements;

the server computer receiving one or more messages from a client computer indicating that a user of the client computer wants to edit the form;

the server computer executing one or more scripts, which interact with the client computer to enable the client computer to display a form-builder utility;

the client computer displaying the form-builder utility, which enables the user to edit the form by providing user inputs to the form-builder utility through a user interface, wherein the user inputs affect the one or more form elements included in the form;

the client computer sending information reflecting the user inputs to the server computer; and
the server computer, in response to receiving the information reflecting the user inputs, updating the form definition information for the form.

From the United States Patent and Trademark Office