Executive Dashboards

Effective project and program management requires accurate, current information to track progress and make well informed decisions. USGN provides the ability to have customized key performance indicators easily available with drilling down to needed details. Our solution allows our customers to capture mission critical information from multiple locations using pie charts, bar graphs, tables, and other graphics. Thus, executives can look at the status of work across the organization to ensure the projects align with core business goals and make adjustments or decisions with real-time information.

Task Dashboards

Managing multiple projects is made easier by USGN Task Dashboards where all required action items are displayed across all projects. Users complete tasks directly from this dashboard including: approvals and responses to requests, such as an RFI. The tasks are ordered according to an individual’s priority, for example, milestones approaching due date, Purchase Order value, etc. Additionally the dashboard can provide an overview of the status of milestones and tasks such as milestones due in the next 30 days or status of Purchase Order previously approved.

Task dashboards are customized by individual and can be a user’s landing page upon logging onto USGN.