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Capturing the Cloud

February 2018 – PM software improves bottom line! Wait a minute!!!

You’re looking for project management software. You know that spreadsheets don’t cut it because they aren't collaborative. Or you have departmental software that doesn’t talk to each other. You’ve got pressure to present the right solution to your team. And you need to justify the expense by showing how it affects the bottom line. Read [...]

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August 2017 – 3 Great Reasons to Attend the Annual Conference

For most companies, annual conferences are typically for clients only. That’s not the case with USGN’s Annual Conference coming up October 24-25th in Tempe, AZ. (See “Lightning Strikes” below for details). We plan to have many of our prospective customers attend along with our current customers. Read more of the Newsletter here

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August – Message from our CEO: Tracking Success (Part 1)

Message from our CEO: Tracking Success (Part 1) Several years ago, I owned an architectural firm with 18 employees focused on corporate retail roll-outs for a number of large-scale customers like Chevron, RiteAid, McDonald’s, and PetSmart. We had a ton of work. But when starting out, we weren’t anywhere near the profit numbers that [...]

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