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Capturing the Cloud

April 2018 – Is your company using cloud-based tools to manage multiple projects?

Your competitors are opening stores on time AND on budget. How are they doing it? They are utilizing USGlobalNet’s multi-project management platform! Read More of Newsletter Here

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February 2018 – PM software improves bottom line! Wait a minute!!!

You’re looking for project management software. You know that spreadsheets don’t cut it because they aren't collaborative. Or you have departmental software that doesn’t talk to each other. You’ve got pressure to present the right solution to your team. And you need to justify the expense by showing how it affects the bottom line. Read [...]

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December 2017 – Real-time Collaboration

This month’s newsletter focuses on the second key characteristic that our clients love about USGN……its collaborative nature! And what better way to describe it than actual quotes from our clients who use it every day. Read More of Newsletter Here

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September 2017 – The Flexible Nature of USGN

Think, for a moment, about professional sports without flexibility! Football would have no overtime, with a horde of games ending in a tie. Each baseball outfield wall would look the same – no vines at Wrigley or the Green Monster at Fenway. And basketball would have no 3-point shot; sorry, Golden State. The result [...]

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August 2017 – 3 Great Reasons to Attend the Annual Conference

For most companies, annual conferences are typically for clients only. That’s not the case with USGN’s Annual Conference coming up October 24-25th in Tempe, AZ. (See “Lightning Strikes” below for details). We plan to have many of our prospective customers attend along with our current customers. Read more of the Newsletter here

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July 2017 What We Believe (Part 4 of 4)

At USGN, we believe that you want a cloud-based solution that creates a cosmic shift in your organization. A system that is more accurate, more frictionless, and more repeatable. Read more of the Newsletter here

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USGN June 2017 – What We Believe (Part 3 of 4)

We are bombarded every day with acronyms, like LOL in social media, AWOL in the army, and RBI in baseball. Each has its own special meaning. For companies, few acronyms are more meaningful than ROI. It is the bottom line focus of business leaders and managers and drives every key financial decision in large and [...]

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USGN May 2017 – What We Believe Part 2 of 4

It’s all about the tools. For athletes, that usually means speed, size, and strength. For DIYers, that may mean a set of socket wrenches or a table saw. And for those in construction project management, it means a system that connects all aspects of a project and provides their team with immediate access to current [...]

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USGN April 2017 Newsletter – What We Believe

Each of us has our own set of beliefs that make us unique. Similarly, businesses are not identical. Each is built on core values that create strategies to succeed. This month, I want to begin sharing what USGN believes! Read more of the Newsletter here

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USGN March 2017 Newsletter – Capturing the Cloud

Meet Russ Otten, our New Vice President of Sales & Marketing Russ Otten has joined us as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. His success in the retail industry brings added value to USGN and to our clients. Read more of the Newsletter here

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