Message from our CEO: Tracking Success (Part 1)

Several years ago, I owned an architectural firm with 18 employees focused on corporate retail roll-outs for a number of large-scale customers like Chevron, RiteAid, McDonald’s, and PetSmart. We had a ton of work. But when starting out, we weren’t anywhere near the profit numbers that I thought were possible.

My idea was to develop a software tool that would help me manage our projects better financially with a better outcome. My assumption was that if I always knew where the project stood, the odds of achieving our target would greatly increase. The result was a tool called ProfitTracking. It captured real-time data and compared our current position to our target at regular, frequent intervals during the course of the project. After I built ProfitTracking, we had a tool enabling us to recognize and address trends or deficits now rather than when it was too late.