Improve your ability to effectively and efficiently manage your construction work.

Managing multiple construction projects is challenging in normal times and particularly pressing in the current economic climate. You are trying to make do with less while looking for timely and key information to make correct decisions. Are your projects staying on budget or are there cost overruns? Will the work be completed on time or delayed? What are the potential threats to meeting project commitments? Are changes being communicated effectively and in a timely fashion? USGN provides solutions that enable you to answer these questions and more to better manage your construction activities

USGN offers web-based technology that ensures visibility, flexibility, and accountability

Our system provides a powerful platform to improve communications, easily track progress on multiple projects and make strategic decisions through a solution that is customized for you. Because of our unique technical design, your customized and affordable solution is developed for your company and individual users without programming

USGN Benefits

All of your construction documents, drawings, communications and information in a single centralized location that is available 24 by 7, from anywhere and any device.

Examples include: RFI’s, proposal requests, drawings, specifications, meeting notes, daily logs, checklists, surveys, permits, legal material, cut sheets, general communications and all project information and documents. You can use your laptop, tablet, or smart phone from your office, at the construction site, or anywhere you like.

Improve efficiency, reduce risk, and minimize claims.

Use a customized workflow to support timely review and approval of your documents, proposals, plans, drawings, work requests, change orders, bids, payments, etc. Using USGN will help eliminate costly delays and mistakes plus increase visibility to information. Risk of litigation is reduced because all data and documents are in one central location with audit trail tracking.

View current and updated information at all times.

Upload and store construction and site photos and information to monitor performance and see progress at any time. Effortlessly monitor daily or weekly logs, crews, inspections, punch lists, work progress, or any other information or quality control tasks.

Use a dashboard to easily complete tasks, approvals, next steps, etc.

Ensure that you take timely action on tasks and that you see critical activities to act upon, tasks that have not been completed by others, or notifications of upcoming events such as permit expirations.

Effortlessly track progress on multiple projects and make timely strategic decisions.

Manage and track performance throughout the project lifetime to specified objectives such as schedules, budgets and staffing. Understand where risk can be mitigated and know when to take action.

Manage project schedules across all active projects.

See a Gantt chart or calendar view of activities to identify where potential delays and cost increases may occur. Track work completed and staff assignments to ensure best use of labor resources across multiple sites. Receive Email notifications and automated reminders for upcoming and past due milestones.

Integrate with your accounting systems or other applications.

Ensure that there is full cycle billing and visibility to payment status. Know the current status of all payments and cash flow. Forecast financial outcome at a project or program level. USGN can also integrate with applications other than ER systems.

USGN Features

World’s most robust on-line Application Development Platform for Construction, Real Estate, and Facilities Management

Our revolutionary, patented architecture provides uniquely powerful and flexible business-centric applications and document management that can be easily customized and expanded to meet diverse and ever-changing requirements without time consuming and expensive programming.

Easy visibility to key project information and communications.

Replace the multitude of spreadsheets that are maintained throughout your organization. USGN eliminates the need to search for critical emails and information because all information is organized and stored online in a single, easy to access location.

Use USGN to differentiate your organization as you track and share key information with your clients, subcontractors and vendors. Workflow and documentation can vary by client or project type depending on your needs and agreements.
The system will notify you of upcoming and incomplete tasks, newly posted documents and workflow events to reduce delays and keep your processes and projects on schedule. You will have increased visibility into multiple projects so you know where to focus your attention.
Establish consistent and transparent processes to reduce administration time and ensure accurate and timely information is easily available. The bid process, for example , enables all bidders to have equal access to the same information with clear deadlines. Easily compare bids side by side against the same evaluation criteria and make your selection.
With web-based reporting tools, crucial transaction and business data is delivered to you in virtually real-time.
Track budgets, contracts, and changes to understand impact and make timely decisions. Monitor project cost data and contingencies to pinpoint cost savings or overruns before it is too late.
Give your clients, subcontractors, and internal staff access to information that they need without burdening your IT Department. USGN hosts and manages the connections and hardware so you don’t need to.
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Collaborative Project Management Software Solution

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