USGN Project Management Platform Overview

At USGN, our project management platform does something that simply cannot be done with off-the-shelf solutions and that, once a company tries USGN, they never go back to turnkey, off-the-shelf solutions. USGN uniquely delivers to users precision applications that are specific to a company’s own best practices. Applications and processes are developed to capture collaborative information at a granular level. Then, the software displays key top level data in unique dashboards designed around specific business needs. Our approach is designed for today’s advanced, forward-thinking business approaches – highly organic in nature and not solely focused on top level alone. Now, information is complete, on time and precise, and shared across the enterprise.

“US”: The new symbol for collaboration.

USGN has been recognized as one of “Technology’s Hottest Companies of 2005” Constructech Magazine, demonstrating the powerful value of USGN’s unique style of collaboration to project teams. “USGN was selected by Constructech’s editorial team because it has uniquely demonstrated its commitment to project management solutions…,” explains Constructech Editorial Director, Peggy Smedley. “USGN is helping our industry survive and prosper during these challenging and turbulent times.”

Doug Sperr, USGN founder, president and CEO explains the value of “US” in the name “USGN” this way: “Our unique hosted application development platform is recognized for the value it brings to the “US” in today’s businesses: the teams of architects, engineers, contractors… they are the teams who make “US” who we are! Today, companies need to write their own collaborative project management applications based on their company’s best practices without the enormous time and expense involved in programming code or software development. That’s what sets us apart from other project management solutions and why our customers believe so strongly that they can leverage this technology to model company processes. The idea of ‘industry best practices’ or ‘pre-programmed’ solutions is outmoded. Doing business according to a company’s unique and specific DNA is the way to go today.”