Telecommunications Project Management

USGN is used by telecommunications service providers to extend the life of networks through procurement, acquisition, repair, and maintenance of equipment at remote and central office locations. USGN is used to manage audits, decommissioning, equipment acquisition, installations, and test and turn up.

  • Effectively Assign Resources & Track Progress
  • Milestone Tracking & Notification
  • Improved & Timely Communication
  • Approval Workflow to Streamline Work Efforts
  • Consistent Project Delivery Methods
“USGN customizes all the time. It’s one of the reasons why we chose them. We have 1,400 current projects from Florida to Japan. Information passed along to different groups is crucial and can be found all in one place.”
Doug Geier, Vice President of Professional Services, Phoenix Telecom Solutions

With all the benefits USGN has to offer Telecommunications project managers, there’s no reason not to get your project up and running.
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