Real Estate and Development Project Management

Use proven approaches and automated processes to avoid real estate and construction pitfalls and achieve reliable success. USGN provides the ability to audit real estate portfolios and process, develop a data-driven growth strategy, and manage the execution through the entire life cycle for successful decisions and effective management of time, resources, and budgets.

  • Consistent Project Delivery Methods
  • Improved Communications
  • Information Stored in a Single, Organized Location
  • Mitigate Risk & Optimize Performance
  • Customizable for Multiple Customers Using Their Key Performance Indicators
  • Automated Emails & Reports

“USGN is highly customizable allowing us to change things quickly, gaining oversight over thousands of projects running at one time across various clients. It is easy, and we have thousands of people (employees, clients, vendors, subcontractors) trained to use it.”

Laurie Collins, APC Development Group, Inc

With all the benefits USGN has to offer real estate and development project managers, there’s no reason not to get your project up and running.
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