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USGN offers an outstanding selection of services to support all of your project management needs. Our exclusive SpeedBuilder Services are formulated to work with you to design, build and deploy the perfect USGN portal for your company and our services are designed to enhance that process every step of the way.

Implementation Services

We use a four-phase approach - the Four Dís - to successfully implement a customized portal solution to meet your company's specific processes and business goals:

1. Discover -The Discovery Phase is focused on helping us to fully understand your company's business processes and how your own targeted USGN portal can support and improve your business.

2. Define - The Definition Phase helps us define the application solution thatís right for you, identify any required software enhancements, and determine time frames, roles and team responsibilities.

3. Design - The Design Phase is the time to develop your customized, collaborative application. Data conversion is tested and integration with third party applications is completed, as needed. The result? Your customized web portal, a microcosm of your teamís working practices, all in an integrated environment ideal for your project management processes.

4. Deploy - In the Deployment Phase, we test your complete USGN solution, work with you to roll it out to your end users, provide training, convert data from other applications and implement integration applications. Here, we work closely with you to fully test the solution and fully implement the web portal.


No matter what Phase you are in, the USGN Technical Support team is at the ready to provide ongoing technical support, review site enhancements identified before and after roll out, and assist with all of your system updates and module additions.

USGN SpeedBuilder System

Thanks to the USGN SpeedBuilder system, our customers enjoy a fast and effortless customization implementation process. To get started, we provide a comprehensive estimate of the time frame for site development, costs and scope of the integration efforts required. Then, once approved, we focus on delivering a quick implementation version of your portal in just 6 - 10 days. Our goal is to get you up and running on the software as soon as possible. Next, during advanced Implementation, we refine and help you customize the software around their specific business and best practices. The more extensive your services needs, the more you need USGN services.

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