Fewer mistakes anywhere

Better performance outcomes

Full documentation

Vendors do the work for you

Significantly reduced litigation costs – allows full documentation of activity and decisions if project is in litigation

Streamlined processes

No drawing repro costs

Improved communication – internal and external

No phone tag or lost emails

Automatic event triggers that save time/effort

Reduced travel time and cost

Improved employee retention and faster onboarding of employees

Clear view of project schedule

Clear view of project cost. Avoid cost overruns

Standardized processes and automated workflows

More accurate forecasting

Less information siloing

One place for everything

Faster close-out

Reach decisions on RFI’s, submittals and change orders faster via cross-team, real-time collaboration

Manage more construction volume per project manager

Improved transparency between project teams and finance department

Real-time visibility into project health

Omit cumbersome, dated spreadsheets; replace with real-time, database-driven tools