USGN and Eco3d Announce Strategic Partnership to Extend Services, Industry Reach

Common Values, Goals Between Project Management Software Provider USGN and Digital As-Built Provider Eco3d

Sept. 22, 2017 — USGN, provider of cloud-based, collaborative project management software, and Eco3d, the largest digital as-built service provider in North America, have announced their strategic partnership to better serve their clients and take advantage of co-marketing opportunities.

USGN, whose client list includes PetSmart, Whole Foods, LA Fitness, and TD Bank, has been an industry name with corporate end-users, architects, and contractors since 2001. USGN CEO, Doug Sperr, emphasized the companies’ shared vision, saying, “Eco3d and USGN not only share a similar client base, but we also share a common worldview, and in a strategic partnership, I believe, that is a crucial ingredient for success.”

USGN’s cloud-based platform for construction projects has modules for all phases of projects, including real estate, construction scheduling, budget tracking, legal, facilities management, and financial workflows. The platform serves more than 100,000 users nationwide and has been used for over 125,000 projects.

When asked about why the partnership would be beneficial to clients, Eco3d CEO Ken Smerz referred to the way both companies tailor their services: “Too many businesses are forced to adhere to ‘industry standards,’ thereby limiting their potential for growth. USGN and Eco3d both provide customized platforms that are specific to each client’s business needs.”

Smerz went on to explain how this affects process, saying “We don’t create solutions until we agree on a common set of goals and objectives. Our process starts with questions, because we want to be held accountable to meeting client needs both short and long term.”

Eco3d creates highly accurate 3D and 2D models and images from data captured by measuring existing topographic, structural, mechanical, and architectural conditions. In 2016, it achieved 92% business growth over the preceding year.

When asked about projections for the future, both CEOs were optimistic about the new partnership and their companies’ ability to better serve both new and existing customers. Sperr re-emphasized that “Eco3d and USGN have a shared vision: To empower more clients to organize, streamline, and accelerate their businesses.”

According to a 2014 report by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and the Business Performance and Innovation (BPI) Network, in conjunction with Powerlinx, 56% of CEOs surveyed said they felt strategic partnerships and alliances were “extremely important” to their businesses. That same report found that 41% of CEOs felt that their companies did not plan for such partnerships very well. “Seeking commonalities and a shared vision is key to these partnerships surviving,” reports speaker and business owner Kate McKay, writing for Entrepreneur magazine.

“Both companies [USGN and Eco3d] have been doing business with the same kinds of corporate clients, and both have the same reach; so, this just made sense,” says Sperr. “We have different offerings, but really, conceptually, there are many more parallels. The fit is clearly there.”

ABOUT USGN: USGN ( is the leading provider of cloud-based collaborative project management solutions, transforming multi-project industries with individual corporate best practices. It serves global clients in retail, restaurant, telecommunications, and hospitality markets. USGN offers a portfolio of software and powerful development platform that address the three most important challenges facing project teams today: extended space/time, advanced flexibility, and enhanced accountability.

ABOUT ECO3D: Eco3d ( transitions businesses from 2D technology to a world of digital 3D. They use a variety of 3D tools capable of achieving and exceeding their clients’ goals and objectives. They serve clients throughout North America and internationally. Eco3d does not outsource, but employs experts that captures existing conditions and turns them into 2D and 3D deliverables.

Source: USGN